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The job search process is new for me. I spent nearly 20 years in my position at AcademyHealth and 22 years working with Handwriting Without Tears. The last time I applied for a job I printed a cover letter and resume and mailed it at the United States Post Office. When I was asked to schedule an interview, I received a call on a land line. Yes, it really was dark times, those 90s.

In a recent interview, I told the HR Manager that I’m a runner so I can’t hide my age, it’s right there in the race results. I’m proud to tell potential employers that I’m about to turn 50.

A visit to my website or social media will quickly show that I’m happily celebrating this milestone birthday with my identical twin.

For another position, the HR Coordinator asked me to give her 5 adjectives to describe myself. So I submitted:

1. Persistent
2. Creative
3. Helpful
4. Inquisitive
5. Dedicated

All those are absolutely true to my core identity as a person and employee, but if I had to add five more that might not be as flattering, I’d probably include:

1. Neurotic
2. Impatient
3. Obsessive
4. Honest
5. Indignant

This weekend, I had an amazing conversation with an old friend, from the 90s, who gave me the best advice for pursuing my next position. Now I’m inspired again with a list of proactive things to do including requesting informational interviews with people who are in what I’d consider “dream jobs” to find out their stories and learn about their journeys into their current roles. And, I am committed to keep applying for even more positions in fields and companies I might not have initially considered.

I don’t know what the next chapter in my life will be, but I’m excited to start writing it.

Do you have any job hunt “lessons learned” you’d like to share? I’d love feedback and tips. Leave a comment or send me an email. Snail mail is also accepted. 🙂

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Over 25 years experience in small businesses and non-profit organizations with strengths in social media, website design and management, graphic design and production, email marketing, writing and editing, and internet research. Volunteer with the Charlottesville Track Club for over 13 years, managing online presence, social media, and email, designing logos and marketing materials, managing membership and race registration databases, administrating training programs, and race directing including the creation of the Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon in 2014. PokemonGo enthusiast who achieved Level 46 on April 12, 2021. Frequent competitor on team Our Doubts Are Traitors with Geeks Who Drink trivia.

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  1. Job wise, apply for jobs even if you are unsure you are qualified or want the job. The interview goes both ways, ask about job details and workplace details. Interviewing is a developed skill, practice. 50 to 54 is my next age group.

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